ChatGPT  generate text-based responses to questions and provide information and assistance to the best of my knowledge and abilities based on the text inputs I receive.

APIs In DOT Net Core

  • Create a New API Project:

Use the CLI to Create a First Web API .net Core Project.

  • Install Required Packages:Use NuGet Package Manager or include the required packages in your project & Integrating ChatGPT or any other AI language model into an API built with .NET Core. You may want to use libraries like HttpClient to send requests.
  • HTTP Request Handling:You can interact with ChatGPT through HTTP requests using the HttpClient class in .NET Core. This allows you to send prompts and receive responses from the OpenAI API.

Install the OpenAPI Package :

Install-Package OpenAI

  • Response Parsing:You may use libraries System.Text.Json to parse and deserialize JSON responses from the ChatGPT API into usable objects within your .NET Core application.
  • Deployment and Scaling:   Deploy your .NET Core API to a production environment, and consider scalability and performance optimizations as your application usage grows

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